Education and Gift Guides

Education & Gift Guides

Learn more about the world of Diamonds. From the 4C's to gift guides, our goal is to help guide you to finding the perfect piece of jewelry.

Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Find out more about the different styles of engagement rings in order to pick the perfect one. From vintage to modern and halo to solitaire, this guide will help you find the style and shape best suited for your love.

Diamond Essentials - The 4C's

Learn all about the 4C's and how they can help you select the perfect diamond. Cut, color, carat and clarity will explain the process of how a diamond is graded from start to finish.

Diamonds in Depth

This advanced education page will go further into detail about the history of diamonds and the science behind the industry's past, present, and future.

How a Diamond Finds It's Brilliance

Diamonds are meant to sparkle and shine. From cut to mounting, we will explain the processes a diamond has to go through in order to shine at its maximum capacity.

Select the Perfect Wedding Band

Whether you want to match your band to your engagement ring or choose to buy something more ornate, we will help you find the right match for both you and your partner.

Judging Jewelry Craftsmanship

The quality of jewelry craftsmanship is in the details. We take a closer look at the small differences that add up to true heirloom quality jewelry that will be enjoyed for generations.

Precious Metals Education

Learn more about the differences between white gold, gold, platinum, and palladium to make an informed decision about which metal is right for you.

Gemstones Education

Here you will learn everything you need to know about gemstone jewelry. From Ruby to Sapphire, this section will help you find the ideal stone for your taste and budget.

Find A Ring That Suits Her Style

From solitaire to halo to three-stone, this guide to the most popular ring styles and the women who love them will help you make the right choice of engagement ring setting for a ring she’ll love forever.

Hearts & Arrows DiamondS

If you want the highest possible level of diamond craftsmanship, you want a Hearts & Arrows Diamond: a diamond cut with such precise symmetry that it displays a distinct pattern under a special viewer, demonstrating its superior light performance.

Rockher Brilliant Cushion Diamond

The RockHer Brilliant Cushion is a square cushion that’s brilliant cut to ideal proportions with so much precision it is noticeably whiter and brighter than both the standard cushion brilliant and the standard modified cushion brilliant.

Take the diamond a.i. challenge

Match with ROSI, our diamond-picking algorithm based on IBM's Watson.Find the best diamond you can from any site or store and then take our challenge. Then challenge ROSI to run the numbers and find you a more beautiful diamond that's a better value too.

Learn How We Make Your Ring From Scratch

At RockHer, we make each ring we sell from scratch to fit both your diamond and your finger. Making your ring to order in our Los Angeles workshop means we can tailor every detail to fit you and your diamond perfectly.