Decide on a diamond or gemstone

The most traditional and popular choice for an engagement ring is a diamond. But a colorless diamond isn’t the only option for engagement rings today. You might want to stand out from the crowd with a rare and exquisite fancy color diamond engagement ring or colorful gemstone such as a ruby or sapphire. You can choose from our preset collection, which allows you to choose shape, metal and price. You can also custom design your engagement ring with one of our experts and completely create a ring from sketch to finish. This option will leave you with a one-of-a-kind RockHer engagement ring that won't be seen anywhere else.

Select the Shape

If you have decided to use a diamond, the next step is to decide on a shape. Round brilliant is the most popular because of the way this cut returns so much light to the eye. But the subtle sophistication of an oval or cushion shape diamond gives you a lovely combination of brilliance and style. The straight sides of a princess cut diamond allow for striking geometric ring designs. And we’re always entranced by the long flashing facets of a beautiful emerald cut diamond. Even a simple setting can have bespoke style with an unusual cut diamond at it's center.

Set Your Budget

You’ve no doubt heard of the “two months' salary” guideline. At RockHer, we don’t believe in rules. You may find a ring that beautifully expresses your love for less or more. Many of our clients have a vision for their engagement ring that is much more extravagant. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable with this investment. At RockHer, our mission is to create a ring that gives you exceptional quality, impeccable craftsmanship and timeless style for your money, whatever your budget may be.

Find the Best Value

Finding the diamond that is the best value used to be the most difficult part of buying an engagement ring. We’re proud to say that is no longer the case. Rosi, our proprietary intelligent diamond algorithm will sort through all the diamonds that are currently on the market and find you the best possible quality and value for your money. Go ahead and comb through thousands of pages of search results on other sites looking for that elusive needle in the haystack if you prefer. You won’t beat Rosi, we promise.

Select the Perfect Setting

Has she been leaving gentle suggestions of the engagement ring style she prefers? Has she left her browser window open to a specific style or left magazines featuring ring images? If so, may we suggest you follow her lead on this matter? If you are confident you know what is best, our work here is done: go ahead and select your engagement ring setting. If not, browse through RockHer's infinite collections, which showcase the beauty of every style of ring.

Make Sure the Ring Fits

This final step is simple but essential. You want to make sure that the ring fits her finger. If you don’t know her ring size, you need to find out what it is. If she wears a ring on her fourth finger, right or left, try it on when she’s not around and mark where it fits comfortably with a pen. This then allows you to go try on rings and match it to your marker. You can also have her try on rings at a store or kiosk until you find one that fits perfectly. You can enlist an accomplice who can offer her a ring to try on or ask to try on hers. These sleek tactics are delicate but worth the effort. The right size will ensure that the ring slides onto her finger when she says yes.