Responsible Diamond Sourcing

Out commitment to

Responsibly Sourced

Natural diamonds

Every RockHer diamond comes directly from a cutter who sourced it directly from a mining company and can trace it through the polishing process. Our diamonds are sourced only from mines that follow strict labor, trade, and environmental standards.

We support the Kimberley Process but go beyond it by requiring an audited and transparent supply chain. We never sell diamonds from third-party traders, even if they have a Kimberley warrant.


Our Diamond Mine

We are proud to be an investor of Lipari, which operates the largest diamond mine in South America, the Braúna mine in Brazil. We are proud to support the mine’s efforts to benefit its community and provide jobs, economic security, and productively reclaimed land for the people of Nordestina in Brazil. The mine is a showcase for responsible mining principles, so well run that it regularly opens its doors to the local community so that everyone can see first-hand how it operates.

Most of our small diamonds in our engagement rings and wedding bands come from Lipari, which produces primarily small sized diamonds.

Lab-Grown Diamonds

For those of you who prefer man-made diamonds to diamonds that occur naturally in the earth, we offer high quality lab-grown diamonds. Created using the Chemical Vapor Deposition process, our lab-grown gems are Type IIa diamonds, with remarkable purity. The crystals are grown using high- temperature plasma that deposits carbon atom by atom on a diamond seed.

After the crystals are grown, they are cut and polished just like mined diamonds. They are also graded to the same standards. We offer lab grown diamonds with independent grading reports from the Gemological Institute of America or the International Gemological Institute so you can be assured of their quality. Lab-grown diamonds are guaranteed to be conflict free. We source them responsibly, direct from the cutter and can trace the rough back to the lab.

Lab grown diamonds sell at a significant discount to natural diamonds. However, because technology could improve in the future making them more affordable, we can’t be sure that they will hold their value as the years go by.