2 Commonly Used Square Diamond Cuts

2 Commonly Used Square Diamond Cuts

If you are in such a difficult situation, then it is best to choose a diamond ring with a square cut, as most women love them.

Square diamond ring cuts are the most popular alternatives to diamond cuts with triangular, oval, or even round outlines. Some of the best square diamond ring cuts available in the market are the princess, cushion, emerald, Asscher, and radiant cut. However, the most widely seen square diamond ring cuts are the cushion and princess cut.

Most of the princess cut diamond engagement rings have greater brilliance, which in turn helps these rings to hide the yellow tints and other inclusions in the diamond to a certain extent. Princess cut diamond rings usually come in rectangular or square shapes and they are usually set in the bezel diamond setting.

Cushion cut diamond rings are not exactly rectangular or square in shape but feature rounded corners and sides, which is responsible for their pillow-like appearance. Yet the brilliance offered by these rings is relatively less when compared to princess cut diamond rings.

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