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Princess Cut Engagement Rings

The princess cut is one of RockHer's most popular fancy shape, princess cut diamonds maximize their sparkle while maintaining a chic square shape.
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About Princess Cut Engagement Rings

With the ability to look amazing in many different settings, these versatile gems can be as stunning as solitaire and three stone settings, or add a modern touch to antique or vintage styles. Modern and elegant, RockHer's princess cut diamond engagement and wedding rings are the perfect choice for today's bride. Read More Though RockHer's haute round cut diamond engagement rings hold the title of most popular shape, princess cut diamonds are increasingly sought after for a number of reasons. RockHer's princess cut, for example, will appear larger than a round brilliant diamond of the same weight, a trademark of the generations of expert gemologists we employ. This means that even at a smaller karat, your diamond will flutter on your bride's ring with a dainty elegance, without losing any of its fire. For this reason, princess cut engagement rings tend to outshine other cuts, even at a fraction of the price. Secondly, the princess cut diamond feels at home in a variety of different settings. Whether it be in a gorgeous solitaire, or a modern three stone setting, this beautiful diamond is sure to astound. Read Less

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