What Do the Various Popular Diamond Ring Shapes Symbolize?

What Do the Various Popular Diamond Ring Shapes Symbolize?

For instance, if you choose a diamond ring heart shape over other shapes, it’s a safe bet to assume you are a romantic soul. On the other hand, people who wear antique or vintage diamond rings are usually considered as traditional by many.

The officials from Diamond Cutters International recently claimed that there is a symbolic meaning attached to some of most popular diamond ring shapes. For example, the circular shape of round cut diamond rings represents love without end. Women who buy this type of diamond ring usually consider themselves faithful, honest, and a bit conservative.

Oval cut diamond rings, which are also traditionally round in shape, show a bit of individuality and creativity. The egg shape of these rings represents fertility, or a desire to have children. Most women who choose oval cut diamond rings are considered to be fairly traditional.

Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are usually purchased by women who love traditional romance. The teardrop shape of these diamond rings can be a prelude to the tears of sorrow or joy.

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