What are Right Hand Rings and What Do They Symbolize

What are Right Hand Rings and What Do They Symbolize

As the name implies, right hand diamond rings are worn on the ring finger of the right hand. One of the examples of this is a cocktail ring, as women usually do not wear a cluster ring with large colorful gemstones on the left hand.

Traditionally, wearing a ring on the right hand is one way to ensure that it is not mistaken for an engagement or wedding ring. Often, the buying of the ring marks a significant occasion. Women choose diamond right hand rings when a milestone career achievement or a birth anniversary comes around.

While the catchphrase ‘right-hand ring’ has become prominent of late, the concept of wearing one traces back to cocktail rings of the 1920’s. Back then, women in America used to wear such diamond rings to signify the economic independence. What’s more, when the alcohol prohibition movement swept the nation during the period of the Great Depression, women who participated in the underground drinking culture sported over-sized, colorful rings they had bought with their hard-earned money.

Today, people wear right hand rings more frequently than it used to be in the past. Some believe it has a symbolism to convey, such as if you are wearing it on the little finger on the right hand, it can indicate the status of a professional. If you chose a vintage design, you would be keeping with a long traditional of female empowerment and independence.

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