Vibrant Options for Multi Colored Diamond Rings

Vibrant Options for Multi Colored Diamond Rings

Furthermore, there are many beautiful options for colorful diamond rings and some of those designs are given below.




Multi-Colored Band

This one of the simplest designs for colorful diamond rings. Here, a thin platinum band is embellished with tiny diamonds of different hues. For instance, consider colors such as blue, pink, yellow, etc. You can also elevate the design by stacking it with more number of diamond ring bands.

Multi-Tone Metal

In this design for multi-colored diamond rings, metals of different color tones are used instead of clichéd colorful gemstones. One of the popular diamond ring designs showcases a black diamond ring band. Here, a solitaire is given at the center of the ring by means of a prong setting in order to boost up the overall bling factor.

Floral Diamond Ring

This is one of the most admired designs for multi-colored diamond rings. In this design, a beautiful flower made of 10 to 15 colorful gemstones is displayed at the center of a 22k yellow gold ring. Here, you can use any shade of diamonds depending on your personality and style.

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