Components of a Semi-Mount Ring

Components of a Semi-Mount Ring

This is a great choice for those who like to change the looks of their rings after some time. Below are the details of the components in a semi-mount diamond ring.





The mounting is the metal that encapsulates the ring. This component includes channels, heads and other metal components used. Usually, the terms setting and mounting are used interchangeably.


This is the round cut component of the ring that slips around the finger and is also referred to as a band.





The head holds the center diamond in position. It could either be a bezel or have prongs. It may or may not have the same metal as in the mounting. If you go with a different color, it will create an interesting contrast.


Prongs are the support structures used to hold a gemstone in its mounting. It usually comes in groups of six or four and is a narrow structure. Clearly, a six-prong structure offers more support than a four-prong one. However, the latter can display the diamond in an impressive way.

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