All about Micro Setting Diamond Ring Designs

All about Micro Setting Diamond Ring Designs

One of the best options for all those who are in awe of sparkling designs is a pave or micro setting diamond ring.

Pave diamond ring setting is a traditional option and is ruling the field for a long time now. The setting is usually used on the diamond ring band in order to boost up its overall shine quotient, and thereby offer a striking appeal.

Here, tiny diamonds are placed into the groves that are made on the metal band. Additionally, the gemstones are secured using mini prongs. This will create a circle of continuous shine. Note that only diamonds of 0.01 carat weight can be set using pave setting, and those below that must be set using a micro pave setting.

Apparently, there will be room for multiple layers of gemstones in a micro setting diamond ring. However, this will not be a great option for people who lead an active lifestyle as well as for those who want to resize or upgrade their ring in the future.

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