Unknown Facts about the V-Prong Diamond Setting

Unknown Facts about the V-Prong Diamond Setting

Most of the standard diamond ring prongs come with curved ends and they hold diamonds in place by gripping them right from the top. These rounded prongs often lie flat on the gemstone’s surface.

Customers who are looking for a new setting for the diamond ring should consider the V-prong diamond setting. The prongs in this diamond setting are shaped exactly like the letter ‘V” and they hold the diamond in your ring from top to bottom by using their shape edges.

One of the best things about the V-prong diamond setting is that they efficiently cover the edges of the diamond in the ring, which in turn protects the stone from accidental blows. The edge of a gemstone is actually a vulnerable part, which means that if the edge is damaged, then it will affect the structural integrity of the entire stone.

Another benefit of V-prong diamond setting is that it leaves a major portion of the stone visible to viewers. This will allow more light to enter into the diamond, which will surely improve its shine and brilliance.

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