Top 4 Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Ring Options

Top 4 Gemstone and Diamond Engagement Ring Options

Some gems look stunning in an engagement ring featuring diamonds as accent stones.

Round Cut Diamond and Emerald Engagement Ring

A green emerald stone with deep cushion cut diamonds against channel set diamonds on the engagement ring’s shoulders. Of course, such kind of an emerald diamond ring will look stunning with every type of attire.



Tanzanite and Halo Diamond Engagement Ring

Tanzanite gemstone comes in many different shades, including lilac and blue. Think an oval cut tanzanite ring in a four-prong setting encircled by a halo of white brilliant diamonds. It can be a perfect match for the bold and fashion-forward brides.

Ruby and Diamond Three Stone Ring

A red ruby instantly catches the attention of onlookers. Pair the gemstone ring with two diamonds on each side, and you will get a dazzling piece that is sure to turn heads on your big day.

Pear Cut Sapphire and Halo Diamond Ring

Sapphire adds a pop of color to an engagement ring, and is sure to suit virtually any wedding ring that you choose to pair it with. Blue colored sapphire symbolizes royalty, so having diamond along with it will surely make your loved one feel like a queen.

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