Tips to Choose the Right Marquise Cut Diamond Ring Designs

Tips to Choose the Right Marquise Cut Diamond Ring Designs

The main gemstone will be the most significant one when viewed from the financial point of view as well. Hence, you must be really watchful while choosing a center diamond for your ring.




Make sure that the gemstone that you choose is just perfect. Needless to say, you must consider your budget, lifestyle, personality, ease of maintenance, the type of your finger, etc., while choosing a diamond.

In case you have wide fingers, you must choose a gemstone that is perfect to make your finger look elongated and slimmer. One of the best options for this is a marquise diamond ring; marquise stones feature two curved sides and two pointed tips. Plus, they boast around 58 facets that are sure to make your stone diamond to the fullest.

There are numerous marquise cut diamond ring designs available these days, so you must choose the one that suits your fingers well. Note that the appeal of marquise stones may change with its Length to Width ratio; your gemstone will appear elongated or wider with the proportion of this ratio, so be careful while choosing the diamond.

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