Pros and Cons of Using Prong Settings for a Diamond Ring

Diamond ring settings play a major role to enhance the style and look of your diamond engagement ring. There are many ways to set a diamond into a ring so as to give it different styles. The details about the most common and simplest diamond ring settings or a prong setting is given below.

Prong Settings

This is the most common and classic diamond ring setting and is also known as the solitaire setting since this is commonly used to set solitaire rings. In this setting, the gemstones are secured using a prong or claw-like structures. Usually, four or six prongs are used to hold the diamond in place. The prong setting is ideal for want extreme sparklers.


  • Since the maximum surface area of diamond is visible in this setting, a maximum amount of light passes through it making the gemstone an ultimate sparkler.
  • Can set diamonds of various size and shapes using this setting.
  • Highlights the main gemstone better.


  • The prongs are more likely to snag on your clothes, furniture, and other materials because of its shape.
  • It is necessary to inspect the diamond rings at least twice every year, as there are chances for the prongs to get loosen with time.
  • Cleaning a prong set diamond ring from home will be risky, as you may disturb the settings, which in turn may damage the gemstones.
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