A Look at the Briolette Diamond Cut

A Look at the Briolette Diamond Cut

The briolette cut is one of few diamond cuts made up solely of triangular facets. Also called the drop cut, it lacks the pavilion and crown facets seen in most common jewelry diamonds. This means it imparts complete symmetry to the stone, which as a result is highly popular when studded on a ring or pendant. Many people favor the choice of 3 carat diamond rings with briolette cut diamonds on them.


With the pear and round hogging most of the scene when it comes to diamond cuts, it is easy to think that was always the case. Even in the olden days, the briolette cut was never among the most favored shapes for diamonds, for the simple reason that it lacked a flat surface, and a culet. It was, however, featured in some historically famous jewelry pieces, such as the necklace that Napoleon gifted to Empress Marie Louis. It was set with 10 4-carat briolette cut stones.

Fancy Color Briolette Stones

These are gaining in popularity, with larger stones of SI1 clarity or higher finding lots of buyers. If you choose this, do not forget to ask for a stone with GIA certification.

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