3 Diamond Cuts for a Solitaire Engagement Ring

3 Diamond Cuts for a Solitaire Engagement Ring

Below are three popular diamond cuts ideal for solitaire rings.

Round Cut

A round cut diamond is the most traditional and popular shape used in diamond engagement rings. With soft and curved edges, a round cut solitaire diamond engagement ring will sparkle magnificently, regardless of the type of metal band. However, you can make the most of it when you pair it in platinum, white gold, yellow gold, or rose gold.


Princess Cut

Princess cut is the most popular diamond shape after the round brilliant cut. A princess cut diamond solitaire ring will look stunning in a four prong cathedral setting, since the edges of a diamond with square cut contrast the cathedral setting’s smooth arches.

Marquise Cut

For a little distinct jewellery piece, a marquise cut diamond solitaire in a tension setting can be an exceptional choice. The setting makes a marquise cut solitaire look as if it is suspended in mid-air or floating in the metal band. The smooth metal surface encircling the centerpiece diamond brings out the diamond as light bounces off its facets.

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