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Round Cut Engagement Rings

By far the most popular diamond shape, the classic round cut represents approximately 75% of all diamonds sold in the world.
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About Round Cut Engagement Rings

Due to the intricacies this cut, the round diamond is often superior to other fancy shapes at reflecting light, maximizing the diamond's potential brightness. The artisans at RockHer have designed a collection of round cut diamond engagement rings that span a variety of styles. Read More Whether your choice is a classic solitaire, or if your bride leans toward a more vintage elegance, these sparkling gems will take you through your life's journey, representing the collective talents of generations of skilled diamond experts. As the world turned away from the over-the-top filigree of the Edwardian Era, diamond cutters in the early 1900s began to experiment with new techniques. A breakthrough came in 1919 with the introduction of the first round brilliant cut. With its unique ability to maximize fire and brilliance, the round brilliant cut became the standard and most popular way to cut diamonds. Soon the brilliance of the round cut diamond could be seen everywhere, from the gleaming lights of Hollywood to the shores of the French Riviera. Today, the round cut engagement ring lives on as the most popular choice for the modern bride. Though customized to fit your style, for example– accented with emeralds, white gold, or a two-tone setting, this luxurious cut will always shine brighter than the rest. Read Less

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