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All About June Birthstones: Names, Colors, Meanings, Values and More

June is a glorious month. In June, the days are growing longer and the weather is growing warmer. As...
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Diamonds Engagement Rings - May 31, 2019

How to Buy a Yellow Diamond Engagement Ring

Sunshine. Lemonade. Gold. The warm hue of yellow diamonds shines like a summer day. These sparkling ...
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Diamonds Engagement Rings - May 28, 2019

This One Small Detail Makes a Huge Difference in the Quality of Your Engagement Ring

Diamonds are graded upside down and under magnification. So the months you spend learning about di...
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Wedding Bands - May 22, 2019

11 Questions to Ask Before You Buy an Eternity Ring

The diamond eternity ring is a sparkling celebration of forever, with diamonds in an endless cir...
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Engagement Rings - May 14, 2019

Five Reasons Why Sapphire Engagement Rings Are a Good Alternative

Considering pledging your love with a sapphire engagement ring? Although most couples choose diamo...
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Jewelry Diamonds Tips - May 10, 2019

How to Speak Jewelry

It happens all the time. We are talking to our customers and they begin to sound confused. We get ...
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