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Conflict-Free Diamonds
RockHer diamonds are sourced only from mines that adhere to the strictest labor, trade, and environmental standards. We support the Kimberley Process but go beyond it by requiring an audited and transparent diamond supply chain.
Compare Your Diamond
Match wits with ROSI, our diamond-picking algorithm based on IBM’s Watson. Find the best diamond you can from any site or store and then take our challenge. Then challenge ROSI to run the numbers and find you a more beautiful diamond that’s a better value too.
RockHer Cushion Brilliant
RockHer’s patented RockHer Brilliant Cushion Diamond combines the charm of an antique-looking cushion shape and the unrivalled brilliance and fire of a modern ideal-cut round diamond.
Hearts & Arrows
If you want the highest possible level of diamond craftsmanship, you want a Hearts & Arrows Diamond: a diamond cut with such precise symmetry that it displays a distinct pattern under a special viewer, demonstrating its superior light performance.


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