Choosing Ethically Sourced Diamonds for Engagement Rings

 By buying ethical diamonds engagement rings, you are making a valuable contribution to the fight against the issue of conflict diamonds. The continued purchase of diamonds sourced ethically can help in minimizing the exploitation of human labor and the environment brought about by diamond mining.

If you were considering one, the best choice would be to go for recycled diamond rings. They contain diamonds that are used previously on a different ring or other jewelry. This diamond is then polished and graded to fit it with another ring setting. In this way, this eradicates the need for mining new diamonds that will indirectly affect any illegal mining or exploitation. Rings with recycled diamonds also undergo polishing and refurbishing of its settings and band.

This is a much affordable option than going for a new diamond ring. Another option is to choose lab created diamonds over natural ones. These diamonds are grown under the controlled conditions of a laboratory that eliminates the need for mining or other forms of environmental exploitation. Moreover, diamonds that have their origins in Canada or Australia are also conflict free making it an ethical choice to purchase.

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