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This unique functions allows you to enter any GIA certified diamond along with price paid and Rosi will use its proprietary algorithm to compare that diamond to RockHer’s inventory.

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RockHer proudly offers customers a selection of high-quality diamonds to choose from. We pride ourselves in sourcing and curating the best diamonds for your budget, preference, and style.

Rosi - Our Intelligent Diamond Search surpasses what our diamond buyers with decades of experience can do. Rosi narrows the field from hundreds of thousands of diamonds available on the market, to the single one that’s best suited to your preferences and budget.

All of our diamonds are conflict-free, Kimberley Process Certified


Our commitment to responsibly sourced diamonds

RockHer diamonds are sourced only from mines that adhere to the strictest labor, trade, and environmental standards. We support the Kimberley Process but go beyond it by requiring an audited and transparent diamond supply chain.

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