Tips for Purchasing a Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

Tips for Purchasing a Cheap Diamond Engagement Ring

Understand the 4 C’s Rule

The main thing that you must look in your diamond engagement ring is the 4 C’s of the gemstone: the cut, clarity, carat, and color. This is actually the global standard for determining the quality of a diamond. If you want a cheap diamond engagement ring, choose a ring with good cut quality and clarity range. The carat weight and color in a medium range will not make much difference if you choose some amazing diamond ring settings.


Diamond Ring Shapes

When it comes to buying cheap diamond rings, it is better to choose any of the standard diamond ring shapes such as round, square oval, etc. The fancy diamond ring shape such as marquise, pear, princess cut, modified radiant, etc., will be really expensive when compared to the former ones.

Diamond Ring Setting

While choosing diamond ring settings, try to choose something that employs less amount of metal. For instance, consider a prong setting. In the case of a bezel setting, the amount of metal used will be more, and hence, it will be expensive. Nevertheless, make sure the diamond ring setting that you choose is enough to secure your gemstones.

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