The Best Diamond Rings in the World

The Best Diamond Rings in the World

It is believed that the engagement ring that is presented to a woman by a man reflects his love for her. So, every man tries their best to gift the most alluring diamond engagement rings to his fiancée in order to express his love and capture her heart. If you do a sneak peek into the history, you will find some of the best diamond rings in the world that are sure to make you skip a beat. Two of those rings that are counted amongst world’s best diamond rings are given below.

The Engagement Ring of the Duchess of Cambridge

There will be hardly anyone who doesn’t know about the engagement ring of the Duchess of Cambridge. In fact, almost every girl’s dreams to get proposed with such an amazing diamond ring. The platinum ring features an 18 carat huge blue sapphire at the focal point. It is further beautified by encircling it with melee diamonds. The current market value of this diamond ring is around $140 million.

Anna Kournikova’s Engagement Ring

When it is about the best diamond rings in the world, you cannot ignore the huge pear diamond ring of Anna Kournikova, which is presented by her fiancé, Enrique Iglesias. It flaunts a pear-shaped pink diamond that is secured at the center of a platinum band by means of a prong setting. In addition, it is accented by a triangular shaped diamond on each side. The approximate market value of this ring is around $2.5 million.

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