The Best Cut of Diamond for a Engagement Ring

The Best Cut of Diamond for a Engagement Ring

 In order to help you out with this, below are two top trendy shapes of diamonds that you may show off on your engagement rings.

Round Brilliant Cut Diamond

A round brilliant cut diamond is the most popular diamond ring shape that you may consider to spruce up your special day. This type of gemstones offers the ultimate brilliance and fire as a result of their unique facet arrangement. Note that there are around 57 to 58 facets in this type of diamonds, and it will be a perfect option for couples who give priority to the sparkle of the ring.

Princess Cut Diamond

This is another option for a diamond, which offers a magnificent sparkle and fire. Just like a round brilliant cut diamond, a princess diamond also boasts 57 facets, but with squared off ends. The stylish cut and the unique bling exhibited by this gemstone is sure to make it the best cut of diamond for an engagement ring for most people.

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