The Beauty of Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

The Beauty of Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

Halo is the most popular and attractive diamond ring setting so far. In this type of setting, a layer of diamond accents or other gemstones are encircled around the center stone of the engagement ring.

When it is about metal settings, prongs will be a suitable option. In fact, this will be a great choice for all the couples who give priority to the shine of their ring. However, if you want your diamond to exhibit a sophisticated or vintage appeal, it will be better to go for bezel settings.

Halo diamond rings are ideal to make a small center diamond look much bigger than its actual carat weight. Indeed, the whole set will create an illusion of a big solitaire diamond ring at a distance. What’s more, you can own a halo ring at almost half the price of a solitaire diamond ring of similar total carat weight.


One of the most popular options that you may consider here is halo princess cut diamond engagement rings. You may choose to pave colored diamonds or gemstones around the princess cut diamond at the center of the ring to highlight it to the fullest.

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