Some Basic Facts about the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

Some Basic Facts about the Princess Cut Diamond Ring

One of the modern cuts that were developed around the 1970s, this cut produces a square shape on the diamond, resembling a pyramid. Also known as square modified brilliant, it radiates brilliance that comes with a round cut while maintaining the stunning looks of a square or rectangular body.



The diameter of the princess cut is lesser than that of a brilliant cut. 1 carat solitaire diamond ring princess cut preserves the carat weight but increases its length in the process. Moreover, the princess cut comes with lesser brilliance than the round brilliant cut.

The cut looks like an inverted pyramid, which is square or rectangular in shape. Finished with beveled edges, it projects outwards from the ring. It is easy to trace out the perfectly straight solid shapes, making it convenient for the diamond cutters. This cut is also very popular among couples seeking top-quality material at an affordable rate.

Princess cut diamond rings come at a relatively cheaper price because there is minimal wastage while the diamond is cut out of the rough stone. However, the main disadvantage of princess cut diamonds is that they are prone to chipping because of their sharp edges.

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