How to Save Money on a Diamond Engagement Ring

How to Save Money on a Diamond Engagement Ring

A recent survey conducted by expert diamond ring sellers revealed that the average amount spent on diamond engagement rings is 4000 dollars or more. The harsh reality is that most of us do not have such a budget to buy such an expensive diamond engagement ring. However, you can still find plenty of beautiful diamond engagement rings at affordable prices.

Customers who are on a tight budget should consider investing in colored gemstones. This is because colored gemstones are relatively a lot less expensive than real diamonds. Moreover, colored gemstones such as sapphires and rubies are considered as one of the best alternatives to traditional diamonds.

The shape of your diamond engagement ring will also have a major impact on its final price. The most popular diamond ring shape available in the market is round brilliant. As a result, diamond heaven engagement rings that feature round brilliant cut are relatively more expensive. So, budget shoppers should look for diamond engagement rings with pear, oval, princess, or marquise diamond cut.

Most women love to add an extra bit of brilliance to their diamond engagement ring. One of the cheapest ways through which you can do achieve this is to look for a diamond ring with a halo.

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