Fascinating Facts About Pearl Gemstones

Fascinating Facts About Pearl Gemstones

Pearls are considered as the most unique gemstone available in the Earth. This is because pearls are not mined from the crust of the Earth; instead, they are collected from living sea creatures. In addition to that, pearls are the only gemstones that look stunning and elegant even without polishing or faceting. These striking attributed of pearl gemstones have significantly increased the demand for pearl diamond engagement rings.

Even the ones who are in the market to buy a diamond pearl ring are not aware that the successful commercial culturing of round saltwater pearls first began in the early 1990’s. By the end of the 1920’s, natural pearls in the market where completely replaced with the cultured pearls.

Pearl gemstones are usually created when a small fragment of a sand grain, parasite, or a rock enters into the shell of a mollusk. This in turn irritates the clam and oyster, which forces it to deposit the foreign material upon the shell. Pearl gemstones can be found both in saltwater and freshwater.

Freshwater pearls are generally collected from the freshwater mussels who are living in rivers, ponds, lakes, and other freshwater bodies. On the other hand, saltwater pearls are usually found in oceans in pearl oysters.

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