Diamonds Among the Royal Jewels

Diamonds Among the Royal Jewels

Queen Elizabeth has been the longest reigning monarch in the history of the UK. With all the changes that have happened around her in all that time, there are some things which have remained the same since the beginning, such as the royal jewels. This collection comprises some of the loveliest pieces of jewelry the world has seen.

The Royal Diamond Ring

Set with the majestic Cullinan IX diamond, this ring is rarely seen adorning the finger of a royal family member, owing to their need to wear gloves in public. The diamond is pear-cut and set into a claw formation.

The Royal Scepter

Holding the Cullinan I, a humongous 530.2 carat diamond in a classic pear cut, this scepter has a cross on top.

The Royal Crown

Set with the 317.4-carat Cullinan II, an incredibly beautiful stone, the Royal Crown has purple fabric as background for an assortment of pearls and colored gems.

The Royal Brooch

Holding both the Cullinan III and Cullinan IV stones, cut as cushion and pear respectively, this wonderful brooch carries a total of 157 carats of white diamond, which is a lot considering it is essentially just a brooch.

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