Are Natural Black Diamonds Low Quality White Diamonds?

Are Natural Black Diamonds Low Quality White Diamonds?

If you have ever stumbled upon a 1.5-carat black diamond ring, you have surely been tempted to buy it instantly. However, if you take a step back assuming that the center stone in the ring is of low quality, you could not be more wrong.

It is true that natural black diamonds have more inclusions than their colorless counterparts, but that does not necessarily mean a black diamond will be of a low clarity grade. In fact, the standard clarity grading measures used to evaluate colorless diamonds are not applicable to black diamonds, because the flaws in them are actually the properties that give such colored diamonds their unique value.

Natural black diamonds, although exceptionally rare, are not that rare as pink, red, or yellow colored diamonds. There has not been a huge demand for black colored diamonds as well, and this reflects upon their pricing; some black diamonds are even less expensive than the colorless diamonds. However, things are changing these days, and couples go for unique black diamond rings for their engagement and weddings too.

Black diamond engagement rings can be a great choice for women who love to flaunt bold and stylish jewelry. Besides, black diamonds are believed to prop up the romance and marital happiness among couples.

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