Are Diamond Platinum Rings Indestructible

Are Diamond Platinum Rings Indestructible

You might be probably aware that precious metals such as platinum and gold are usually used for making diamond engagement rings. The excellent malleable properties of gold and platinum make them highly suitable for jewelry uses. However, several customers who are planning to buy diamond platinum rings have a misconception that these rings are indestructible.

It is true that platinum is a highly durable metal but it is not unbreakable. In fact, diamond platinum rings may get damaged as easily as gold diamond rings. However, if you take good care of your platinum diamond ring, then you will be able to use the ring for a very long period of time.

You need to realize the fact that the high price of platinum is due to its scarcity and excellent properties. For instance, most of the diamond platinum rings available in the market are corrosion resistant and they will not break that easily. Nevertheless, the misconception that platinum diamond rings do not break is just an urban legend.

The weight of diamond platinum rings can be twice as greater when compared to gold diamond rings. This makes platinum diamond rings very stronger and less prone to damages but when they are exposed to adverse conditions for longer periods then they might break.

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