All you Need to Know about Diamond Cutting

All you Need to Know about Diamond Cutting

This includes a lot of sophisticated instruments and the dedicated work of cutting artisans before the final products like people's diamond rings could be ready for sale. Below are a few methods commonly used in diamond cutting.





Cleaving is performed to bring the size of the diamond to a manageable level. Thus, the cutter is traced through the tetrahedral plane where it is the weakest. The diamond is held steady by using wax or cement and the steel blade in the groove cuts through the diamond.


There are situations where the diamond has to be cut where there is no plane. This is done using a phosphor bronze element, which rotates at 15,000 rates per minute. The sawing process is also carried out using a laser, which may take hours to complete. First, the flattest side of the diamond (table) and the point of largest diameter (girdle) are decided, and then the cutter proceeds with the cut.


Polishing is carried out in order to give the diamonds a final finishing touch. The cutter places the diamond to face a rotating wheel in this process. The polishing wheel is coated with abrasive diamond powder, which applies the smoothening.

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