About the Kelly Ripa Diamond Ring from Mark Consuelos

About the Kelly Ripa Diamond Ring from Mark Consuelos

Kelly Ripa is one of the media darlings, often cited as one of the most powerful individuals in the US television industry. Despite all the name and fame that accompanies her, she maintained a grounded personality throughout her career. Even the Kelly Ripa diamond ring is very simple.

Kelly has been married to Mark Consuelos since 1996. However, the love story of the couple has an adventurous angle to it.

The couple met when Mark auditioned for an acting role in All My Children, which was Kelly’s breakout television show. The couple started dating soon after, he proposed to her and they eloped to Las Vegas in the same year they got married. What makes it intriguing is that Mark mistakenly felt he would not have an opportunity to make Kelly his own but he was wrong as it turned out.

The round diamond ring that Mark gave Kelly has a delicate yellow gold band with what appears to be tiny half-moon diamond accents at the sides.  Kelly has been wearing her diamond engagement ring for all these years since 1996. What seemed like a romantic rollercoaster ride back in the day has proved it has longevity.

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