A Guide to Diamond Cuts

A Guide to Diamond Cuts

The main factor which contributes to this effect in a gemstone is its unique arrangement of cuts and facet. Because of that, it is essential to choose the best diamond ring cut to achieve maximum brilliance in the center diamond. In order to help with this, below is a decent cut of diamond rings guide that you may consider.


Round Brilliant Cut

This is the most popular and visually brilliant-cut to date. Here, the pavilion or bottom side of the stone would be cone-shaped, and the top of the crown portion rounded off. Usually, a standard round brilliant stone carries 58 facets and reflects light to the maximum.


Princess cut stones, which are also referred to as modified square brilliants, are the second most popular diamond ring cut. A gemstone of this cut flaunts a square silhouette with pointed corners. The number of facets is almost the same as that of the round brilliant stones. When set in a diamond-encrusted band, princess-cut stones can look supremely beautiful.


The main attraction of emerald-cut stones is the stepped arrangement of their facets. This rectangular cut is designed to boost the clarity of a stone and proves the perfect option for geometric and vintage settings.

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