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Tips to Choose the Size of your Diamond Ring

July 12, 2019

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The spread diamonds often expose a large area but tend to have lesser brilliance than a deep cut diamond. Hence, they are given a low grade.




In fact, the shape of the diamond may cause them to appear smaller or larger than they actually are. The best example would be that of a round diamond which looks smaller than a princess cut diamond, although both have the same carat weight. The circular cut appears smaller because our eyes measure the diameter. When placed beside a princess cut diamond, they appear larger because our brain tends to measure the diagonal distance that appears longer.

It is commonly seen that people consider the 1-carat wedding rings diamond as a matter of pride. However, what most people do not realize is that the difference between 1 carat and 0.98 carats is a whopping $2000. This could make a huge difference in the overall price of the diamond ring. This is because the diamond price tends to rise exponentially as the carat increases. So it would be much wiser to buy a princess cut diamond of smaller size.

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