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Oval Cut Engagement Rings

A modified version of the round brilliant cut, RockHer's haute oval cut diamond is known for its perfect symmetry and unique shape.
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About Oval Cut Engagement Rings

Popular among women who are looking for a vintage-inspired engagement ring, its elongated shape accentuates the length to the hand, allowing for the appearance of long, slender fingers. A royal diamond in every sense of the word, this cut is famously worn by Kate Middleton, who elegantly shows off her blue sapphire wedding ring that once belonged to Princess Diana. Read More Distinctively romantic, the feminine curves of oval cut gemstones add a unique sparkle to this elongated shape. Whether your choice is for complimentary side stones, a vintage rose gold setting, or a classic solitaire, RockHer's haute oval engagement rings are a choice that is sure to astound. To find the dimension of oval you want, look for the length-to-width ratio in our interactive diamond search page. The length-to-width ratio will determine the diamond's outline, and what it will look like when viewed from the top. A break from modern tradition, oval-cut diamonds hold a rounded shape that accentuate the length of your bride's fingers, while providing an exquisitely vintage feel. The timeless glamor of the oval-cut and micropavé setting has quickly become an iconic RockHer style– with each ring meticulously handcrafted by our artisans, using generations of expertise to highlight the diamond's beauty. Read Less

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