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President George H.W. Bush, with former USGA president Jim Vernon at the 2008 USGA Bob Jones Award recipient.




RockHer President and CEO Jim Vernon knows what it takes to create a brand that shines. With over 30 years experience in the diamond business, he established RockHer and surrounded himself with the best designers, craftsmen, and diamond experts in the field to produce jewelry that exceeds the highest industry standards.

Stanford law school

A graduate of Stanford Law, Mr. Vernon looks at the diamond business in a way that most others don't. Just like a great lawyer must consider the minute details of a case, Jim thoroughly considers the smallest part of a diamond before giving it his seal of approval. This dedication to perfection has given him recognition throughout the industry, notably in his position within the board of directors at several companies.

With humble roots at his father's company, Frank Vernon Diamond Brokers Wholesale Jewelers, Jim spent a considerable amount of time learning the nuances of the business before taking the company to soaring heights as President . His leadership gave way to a new era of prosperity for the over 65 year old company.

The historical building of The Vereniging Beaurs voor Den Diamanthandel on the Weesperstraat in Amsterdam was inaugurated in 1922

He has been a member of the Diamond Club West Cost, Inc. since 1984 and served on its board of directors until 2014, including a period as an officer of the organization. The DCWC is a member of the World Federation of Diamond Bourses, organized to provide trade rules, to promote the interests of the industry, and to provide forums to resolve commercial disputes between members. The DCWC looked to Mr. Vernon for his innovative approach to the diamond industry, as well as his thoughtful direction as a leading officer.

Additionally, Jim was a member of the board of managers for the American Gem Society Laboratories. During his time on the board, the AGSL developed an industry-leading system for evaluating the cut of polished diamonds. This leading-edge system is still used today by the biggest names within the diamond industry. AGSL became the only nonprofit lab dedicated to consumer protection, giving consumers an evaluation report for jewelry that provides consistency and accuracy in diamond grading.