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Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

The Cushion Cut diamond is a breathtaking square-shaped stone to feature gently rounded corners and sides, softening its appearance, and creating a uniquely romantic look.
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About Cushion Cut Engagement Rings

This attractive diamond shape is well-suited for use in a many settings, but is most often the centerpiece of a stunning engagement ring. The new standard of haute diamonds, RockHer's signature Cushion Cut with hearts and arrows has been precisely formulated to achieve maximum brilliance (brightness) and fire (flashes of color).Read MoreYielding a total of 58 perfectly cut surfaces to reflect and refract light, and assuring maximum sparkle that far outshines other classic shapes, this expertly cut diamond is sure to take its place among the world's finest. Our expert artisans have skillfully cut and crafted this stylish diamond to shine brightly at is maximum capacity. Featuring a uniform outer edge where the crown and bottom pavilion meet, this diamond offers greater beauty and durability, making it less prone to chipping and loss of brilliance. Read Less

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