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Five Expensive Engagement Mistakes To Avoid

Five Expensive Engagement Mistakes To Avoid

It’s the ring you’ll wear forever. It’s probably your first big purchase as a couple. It’s your engagement ring and you want to love it so much you’ll stare at it all day long. Hey, no pressure. Just because people (ahem, men) research engagement rings online does NOT mean that they always make good decisions. Here are the five most common mistakes that couples make when choosing the engagement ring and how you can avoid them.


It’s The Ring, Stupid

When guys start thinking about buying an engagement ring, they start becoming totally obsessed with numbers and letters. They totally geek out about diamond grading. They research the four Cs and study price lists looking for the best deal on a 1.15-carat G VS2, with a 55% table and an EX-EX from the GIA. That’s totally ridiculous. Because what you will wear until death you do part is a RING not a ROCK. The perfect diamond in a boring setting does not a happy fiancée make.

That’s a totally backward way to operate. Sure learn about diamond cut, color, clarity, and carat weight. But then relax and focus on Halos, twists, and other trends in ring styles. Pick the perfect ring style and shop for that, OK?


One Is The Most Expensive Number

When you are thinking about your ideal ring, does your mind immediately jump to a two-carat diamond solitaire? You’re doing it wrong! The bigger the diamond, the more it is PER CARAT. So ten quarter-carat diamonds are WAAAAY less expensive than one two-carat diamond. And they are much more sparkly too. You are not buying a paperweight, people! So think beyond single-stone designs and you’ll get more diamond beauty for your budget.


You Need Two Rings, Not One

You love your engagement ring. But it’s only the beginning of the story. Pretty soon, you’ll be buying a wedding band to wear with it. If you buy an engagement ring without thinking about how it will pair with a wedding band, you may end up compromising on the band or having to create a costly custom shadow band. So before you choose an engagement ring ask about matching bands. You’ll thank us later.


Going For Flash For Cash

When you start obsessing over size, you start forgetting about quality. And that’s not a good thing. Lower quality diamonds don’t hold up over time. We’re not saying you have to go all D-Flawless on your ring. But make sure that every time you look at your ring, you’re not looking at that inclusion that shows you how you cheaped out on the symbol of your love either. A smaller diamond of a higher quality is a better idea. (Or lots of smaller diamonds, because, diamonds!)



I know you love looking at friends’ engagement ring selfies. And they may have gorgeous rings that you wouldn’t mind showing off yourself. But this is not a contest. Your engagement ring is about you two. Not your friends, not the snobby coworker on Facebook, not your Instagram followers. Don’t get swept up in all that my-engagement-ring-is-better-than-yours madness.

Make yourself happy, not crazy. Choose what works for you, period. And if you need to tell that one mean girl about the survey that says the bigger the diamond, the shorter the marriage, so be it. Because you know what’s important and what is just an easily-avoided mistake and that ring on your finger proves it!

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