7 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

7 Tips to Help You Get the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie


Make Sure the Lighting is Right

Some people don't realize that daytime lighting plays a huge role in achieving the perfect capture of your stunning diamond ring. Diamonds illuminate light beautifully and do so best under the sun's natural rays. If you want to capture the romantic essence of your proposal with dim lighting, be wary. Dim lighting means a dim diamond.


Background Check

The background of your ring selfie can tell your followers a story. It can convey the mood of a newly engaged individual, the essence of how your beau proposed, or for those more focused on the aesthetic part of your image, can simply be a background that compliments your diamond ring. Backgrounds that always seem to hit home include the following: flowers, patterned fabric from clothes (like knits, floral dresses, silk tops), pillows, lush landscapes, or clear skies.


It's Time to Strike a Pose

How your hands are posed can make all the difference in how your engagement ring selfie turns out. Capture your hands in the best light by trying multiple poses and seeing which one compliments your hands the most. Your fingers should be closer together rather than further apart for a natural and relaxed look. Also, make sure your ring is straight on your finger. Pro tip: If your ring isn't sized,  place a little twist of paper behind the finger to keep it in place while you snap your selfie.


Make Sure You Nail it

Now, this might seem like an obvious one, but when you're caught in the moment even the most obvious can slip your mind. Make sure your nails are done! Everyone has different preferences when it comes to their nail design. We say the simpler the better. Nude and whites look best with diamond rings mainly because they don't steal the show! Let your diamond ring do the talking with just a simple coat of clear nail polish (and the removal of hangnails of course!). Also,  try some moisturizer or sunscreen for a touch of healthy shine.


A Helping Hand

This also might be another obvious one, but for those who take things more technically than others, this will be an eye-opener. You don't have to take your own ring 'selfie'! Capturing the beauty of your ring in all its glory can be quite tough if you're trying to do it yourself (if you don't believe us, try it with one of your fine jewelry rings). Have your friend, family member, or better yet your finance capture this exquisite ring on your hand.


Use a Prop

Let's say it isn't your day and these ring 'selfies' are not working out. Try placing your ring on a prop instead. You can use beautiful and feminine looking sweets like macaroons or cupcakes as props. You can place your ring on a gorgeous rose. You can even keep it simple and place it on top of the box it came in. Whatever you think works best with your personal style.


Don't Forget to Phone First

In the current digital age, we sometimes forget that making a phone call can be more important than a post on social media. Don't make the mistake of sharing your special moment on social media before sharing it with those close to you. Call up your family members/close friends and let them know the news!




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