Why you Should Involve Her in the Engagement Ring Purchase

Why you Should Involve Her in the Engagement Ring Purchase

A recent survey has found that most women want to have some level of involvement when it comes to picking their diamond engagement ring. If you had been thinking of keeping her out of the loop and springing a surprise proposal, here are a couple of reasons not to do that.

You Will Not Find the Perfect Ring by Yourself

There were admittedly times when it was easy to find out what type of engagement ring your beloved fancied. A couple of decades back, you could walk into a jewelry store and watch her give hints as to which ring she liked, and come back later and buy something similar without being too far off the mark. These days, however, women have very specific preferences, and you would need to anticipate exactly what ring she had in mind.

You Can Still Surprise Her with a Ring She Already Likes

If you have had a talk about getting married and set a timeline for that, then she will want to be part of selecting the ring you present her with. The timing and setting of the proposal can still be a surprise, but the 1 carat diamond marquise ring doesn’t need to be.

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