Why you Should Buy Cushion Cut Diamond Wedding Rings?

The romantic and antique design, which was originated in the 18th Century, was usually centered on large open facets, which highlights the clarity and color of the stone. Most of the cushion cut diamond rings that were created during the initial years had wide facets, deep pavilions, tall crowns, and a large culet.


In simple words, a cushion cut diamond can be defined as a blend of the old mine facet pattern and the modern round brilliant-cut pattern. These diamond rings usually come in rectangular or square shapes with curved angles. The presence of larger facets in these diamond rings makes the diamond to appear a bit bigger when you view it from the top.

Another interesting fact that you should know about cushion cut diamond wedding rings is that their prices are approximately 25 to 50 percent lower when compared to round brilliant diamond wedding rings. This, in turn, makes the former an ideal choice for customers who are on a tight budget.

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