Why You Must Flaunt Heart Cut Diamond Engagement Ring on your Big Day?

In a heart cut diamond engagement ring, you can see the tiny heart-like structures reflecting on the pavilion and many arrow patterns on the crown of the ring. This is achieved because of the perfectly précised facets of the round cut brilliant diamonds that generate many tiny mirrors, which are able to reflect and refract light to the eyes of the spectator. In this way, heart cut diamond rings offer better brilliance and fire than other diamond cuts.

There may be a romantic reason as well for choosing a heart cut diamond engagement ring – you can gift numerous tiny hearts to your loved one on your special day. Furthermore, the main feature that makes a heart diamond ring distinct is its optical symmetry. Here, the diamonds are cut with high optical precision so that the potential of the facets to handle light can be maximized.

However, it is not always practical to create perfectly précised facets including both arrows and hearts. In fact, such diamonds may suffer from light leakage.

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