Why Some Labs are Better at Diamond Grading?

Why Some Labs are Better at Diamond Grading?

A grading report serves as a reliable gauge for the certified diamond it accompanies, and for that reason, you should probably pay more attention to it for the next purchase you consider.

Consistency of Results

Different labs use varying standards to diamonds, which they grade, making it confusing for buyers who wish to compare stones with certificates from separate labs. Here, GIA and AGS triumph through consistently assigning the same grades to similar diamonds. If you sent a stone to each, it would probably come back with grades carrying just the slightest difference between them, if any. The industry can handle such minor discrepancies.

What becomes a problem though, is the same lab giving inconsistent grades. This is why it is wise on the consumer’s side to prefer stones graded by GIA or AGS, as opposed to the less credible alternatives like EGL.

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