Why Pair a Chocolate Diamond with White Band Setting?

Why Pair a Chocolate Diamond with White Band Setting?

The golden shade of the brown diamond complementing the said type of metal band sets off a striking combination to a traditional gold ring band set with a white gemstone. It stands out as well as offers a whole new way for you to look at the gemstone.

Have you ever thought why chocolate and white diamond rings are trendsetting pieces in comparison to dozens of products out there in the gems and jewelry market? One of the reasons for this is the unique white-brown combination. Additionally, just like clear diamonds, the brown-colored gemstones also have their own distinctive design strengths.

More research has gone into understanding why these gemstones are colored brown. Irradiation, nickel’s presence, and distinctions in the gem formation are all thought to contribute to a certain extent. Yet again, there are many processes designed to influence the natural color of diamonds, and they can also give the stone its color.

Artificial processes include the application of high temperature and pressure processes, healing inclusions to clarify the gemstone. Yet, other processes take the opposite route to that; seeking to deepen its color, irradiation treatment is used to bring it out further.

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