Why Oval Diamonds are Perfect for Engagement Rings

The clear elegance of an oval cut diamond and its distinguishing shape has made it one of the most sought over diamond shapes for engagement and wedding rings.



Most of the oval diamond ring designs available with jewelers have different settings that range from simple prong supports to a halo of smaller diamonds adorning the border. Such enhancements add to the beauty of the diamond, which will indirectly give the wearer a unique statement. While purchasing an oval diamonds engagement ring, you need to understand the three parts of the diamond such as the head, shoulder, and belly.


Having a clear understanding of these parts can help you choose an oval diamond that has perfect symmetry and free of any inclusions. The 57 or 58 facets of an oval cut diamond set in its facet style give rise to its trademark sparkle and appeal. The arrangement of facets of an oval diamond also differs that reflects in the way it captures light and sparkle. You can surely go for oval diamond ring designs because the elongated shape makes it appear larger while also complementing with the fingers well.

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