Why Invest in Marquise Cut Diamond Engagement Rings

Marquise diamond cut, which is also known as boat-shaped, football-shaped, or navette cut, is a vintage and unique diamond cut. Couples choose marquise cut diamond engagement rings because these diamond rings allow them to make a fashion statement.

Many customers who are shopping for marquise cut diamond engagement rings are unaware that marquise cut is one of the oldest diamond cuts. In fact, this diamond cut was introduced during the reign of the French king, Louise XV. One of the most alluring things about marquise diamond engagement rings us that they sparkle beautifully on the fingers of the wearer. Even though marquise cut is a relatively shallow diamond cut, it is still capable of exhibiting its brilliance and fire.

If the fingers of your bride or loved one is a bit shorter, then it is best you buy a marquise cut diamond ring. This is because the ring will make the fingers of your bride appear slim and elongated.

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