Why Go for Lab Grown Diamonds in Jewelry?

Why Go for Lab Grown Diamonds in Jewelry?

Although not much more prized and appealing than naturally mined diamonds, manmade or lab-grown diamonds have also come to dominate the market.

Lab-grown diamonds are made under the specific conditions of a laboratory, instead of mining from deep below the earth. The technology has progressed so much that it is now virtually impossible to differentiate between a natural and manmade diamond. As a result, many people now prefer these for jewelry, and the demand for lab created diamond rings has gone up. Some of their key benefits are:

Price – Lab-grown diamonds have the biggest advantage in terms of price. One can get lab created diamond rings and other such diamond jewelry for a much lesser price than natural ones. Currently, a synthetic diamond costs 30 percent less than a mined natural diamond and is a great alternative for adorning various jewelry pieces.

Conflict-free – Lab-grown diamonds are created in a laboratory and are free from the issues surrounding ‘Blood Diamonds’. Even today, some percentage of natural diamonds is produced in conflict-ridden areas at the expense of the lives of several people. By opting for a synthetic diamond, one can ensure that the purchase is free from any illegal human exploitation.

Sustainable – Lab-grown diamonds are completely sustainable to the environment. Compared to mined diamonds, where a large-scale exploitation of natural resources is needed, synthetic diamond production produce the least disruption to the environment.

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