Why Diamonds are Used in Engagement Rings

You may have wondered what makes diamonds such a good choice for engagement and wedding rings. If so, you are not alone in pursuing that line of thought. While they are without a doubt precious as far as gemstones go, diamonds are expensive beyond the means of many young couples about to start a life together. Still, there are compelling reasons to buy at least a 1carat diamond ring.

Diamonds are Durable

This is a vast understatement – diamond is the hardest substance known to man. Compare it with a Cubic Zirconia ring and you would notice that the stone does not scratch, and holds the form it was given at the time of cutting and shaping. Cubic Zirconia will not retain a beautifully cut look for more than a decade or so. Diamonds, on the other hand, are almost impervious to heat and force. This is what makes diamond engagement rings so durable.

Diamonds are shaped over billions of years, and having such a stone to wear is a special thing indeed. Representing an eternal love between you and your chosen partner.

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