Why Choose a Diamond Halo Ring?

An engagement has to be one of the best and most magical moments in the life of almost any couple. Hence, most people consider an engagement ring with unique settings and designs in order to symbolize lifelong commitment, love, and unity towards each other.

The halo diamond ring setting is trending among engagement rings these days. Here, a center diamond is beautified by encircling it with a layer of diamond or gemstone accents. Usually, a prong setting or a bezel setting is employed here, in order to secure the gems.

A diamond halo ring would be a great option if you preferred to accentuate your finger. Other than that, the overall impact of the halo diamond ring setting would be to make the stone look bigger than its actual carat weight. In fact, it creates the illusion of a huge solitaire diamond ring when viewed from a distance. If you prefer to highlight your center stone, you may also give a halo of colored diamonds around it.

Another plus point of choosing a diamond halo ring is that it would cover more surface area on your finger at an affordable price, when compared to other diamond ring settings. Hence, this is a great option for all couples who wish to buy a resplendent diamond ring without going heavy on the pocket.

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